what we do?

We bring solutions to make life easier

Product Development

Our team helps your company to form, function and design a product/service cost-effectively. We also help you to develop a seamless user interface to ease manufacturing and serviceability.

Data Migration

We plan and move your precious data from one location, format, or application to another in the most professional way by keeping all the risks at bay.

Dashboard Development

Our experts are happy to help you with designing a dashboard which will provide all the information you need at a glance. The information is presented in the form of visuals and indicators to ease the process of monitoring and decision-making.


Save time and innovate more by enabling DevOps. DevOps helps to optimize the delivery of value by combining cultural philosophies, practices and tools to make processes easier and faster.

Automation testing

Automation is great as it saves time and money, but only if they don't have any issues or glitches. We are here to help you find all the issues with your software and other tech products, and ensure that they meet all the strict requirements.

Machine Learning

Make your software learn more and make it more accurate in predicting the outcomes without having to explicitly program them, with the help of us!

Artificial Intelligence

Our team at PY, provide all future-ready services related to artificial intelligence, data analytics and predictive analytics. We built awesome AI solutions to solve your real-life problems and overcome challenges.

Data Science

Our team of experts provide a whole package of services for data science to derive meaningful information and make business decisions efficiently. Our services include optimization, text analytics, predictive analytics, forecasting, and machine learning out of many other services.

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